Mental Order disordered

Last week, a speaker was invited in our church to give her testimony concerning an event entitled depression. I was prompted to attend and grateful that I was able to bring along my brother who said to have benefited from what he heard and received. Knowing the truth as written in the bible how we should transform the system of our mind aligning it according to the word, that with such authority we have the power to put into order anything that is made disordered.

Although, it truly is mind boggling what one has to undergo in life from where they were placed, incurring experience after experience, learning to move on to the only step they knew as they carry their feet forward faced with options practical enough to pick in this world, unless there is a miracle made to order.

People cry how can there be God! there can’t be miracle in my situation! How easy to say those words and how difficult it is to utter miracle can happen because God is real. The pull of this world is so strong that it can easily bury our feet stuck in our condition. How hard it is to fight in faith when your drowning in your own situation. It is serious and it truly is very hard. How the people on earth was held long enough as it continue to count after 2000 years.

People cannot do it alone and God loves man that he sends help, he introduces Jesus to us to present us the possibility of conquering anything that is of this world. Although, Jesus is not physically here, he has promised his holy spirit to reside within us. People as God’s vessels has to make it a point to act, specially those who are more than able, to carry the unable. Frustrations, doubts, deep sadness, depression, are real and it’s spreading fast that it is taking the world. But more than we know it wont succeed, we can probably start thinking that it shouldn’t win a single chance to corrupt specially the ones we cared for, starting from our families.

I pray that any disorder be made to order in authority of God’s powerful hands in the name of Jesus. Bless all souls that they may look to reach out as a priority to go back to God.


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