Bed time Rut

Bed time rut with my little boy

After reading 89 pages of adventure book, still have the energy to read more rather still choosing to stay awake while the clock is showing, very late time to sleep, really have to sleep.

But like any other, more than being a mother we still have a lot more other duties to do, so I gave him a comfortable kiss and a hug, stayed for a little while. I know I can only stay a little while so told him to try and sleep,

M: mommy has some things to do, mommy can’t be there forever you have to start to slowly learn to be responsible to yourself. Start by making yourself sleep on your own.

This time, I went firm. Demanded that he closes his eyes and sleep. I went reading. But after a few minutes, he came to me pointing in the middle of his chest,

N: “There is something here hurting.”

I ignored. Knowing so well, I cant manage to believe… Suddenly, he fell a tear on his eyes, the motherly pulled me close to him.

M: “Why are you crying?”
N: “Because I am hurting and because you dont show that you care.”
M: “What’s hurting you?”

Pointing on his chest

N: It’s probably my heart and my lungs, it’s hurting because you didnt hug me to sleep.

That gave me a chuckle and a sigh, so brought him to bed again, gave him a kiss and a hug. The soonest he is comfortable, quiet and sleeping, I stood up, went to continue reading. Not knowing he is still awake, so again he also stood up, walk a few steps towards me.

N: “My right rib fell, probably why it’s hurting” – pointing on his side “there is something here that fell, a rib.”

Seriously cant fake it anymore, I showed him a smile. He gave a cheeky smile back and a bear hug. We went back to bed together once again.

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