Winning souls at circle time

While son is at school, I was graced by time to serve as a vessel, to impart with the lost souls. Young teen dreamers, just like Ruth, they were all looking to find a life in a new nation, but only one of them was confirmed allowed to travel with a date stamped booked to fly, while rest are still waiting. These girls are dreamers with rooting passion to get out from poverty and also to forget all haunting past. It was an opportunity to be an ear and to be the image of the love of God, trustworthy and pure. God works his miracles in strange way we cannot question. His ways are far higher than our expectations and the limitations of our understanding. He chooses who, when, where, and how. He is the power and the source. We can only allow him to dwell and use us, and that’s what I did.

The experience is not only revealing to the one who gives the testimony. It is also revealing to me whom He used. How much important it is to give both full ears specially to those who are in most need. whose weight have been burdening the person for years of her life, when all the reason she laid them down, had she let loose, is when she knows she can trust it, because God is the source and the revelation is for God. How important is believing and trusting.

We need God in this world. People should live to believe it and be changed by their trust in God. God is reaching out to us, all we have to do is just to receive it and allow him to happen in our lives.

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