Where is Master Silly?

He’s been around for sometime but I was too busy being serious, in organizing schedules and keeping track of tasks.  

Most days when holding a pen checking on papers, Mr. silly will befriend the wind blowing my things. One hair day Mr. silly visited me, holding a comb, said he will give me a scratch, I’ll tell him No, it’s for my hair not for my body. He’ll walk away and come back holding other things defending what he’s holding, telling me, this is good for you, you got to try it. He was holding a cup of a mixture. I’ll ask what’s in it? It has water, orange juice, sugar, salt and a dishwashing liquid. Why with a salt and dishwashing liquid? I’ll ask. That’s a special ingredient, and to give it a color he’ll reply. My eyes rolled with my head, never thought it was cute to look at, he decided to adapt.

Mr. silly loves to jump on a throw pillow lined up like tracks, after he’ll go up on a chair, jump, goes to another chair, spins himself, then climb up the luggage and down again putting on sleepers, and with it, tap dance a tune. Oh it’s an obstacle race is it? He’ll smile giggle with a yes.  

One worship day, I was feeling shy, I can only utter the song, as dancing doesn’t seem to fit me anymore. He raises both his hands and jumps to the music, then he dance a move he calls left and right dance, so encouraging that made me dance and so thus everybody around us started jumping with him. Everywhere we look they were smiling, smiling to see Mr. silly boldly dancing and praising.

There may be appropriate behaviors, but silliness is part of Mr. silly. He will wobble when he wants to wobble, bend over when there is a picture, and a stretched face that hides his eyes is his happiest style. I’ll tell him, if you want Mr. Silly, try and keep him around his space.

How can you beat Mr. silly, when the moment requires you to be.


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