Mr. Fighter

Where is my fighter?

I met him and he was bouncing, pushing the wall, making prints and disappearing them. He tried, and was making himself pass through a flexible wall. But the barricade was so original and hard he can’t get through. He tried to kick and punch. He does it night and day for a couple of months, but never succeeded. Never did he knew, he doesn’t have to use force, nor any magic word that he also tried, “Open quisame”, “sesame sprouts”, it has no power, so none have worked. He simply have to speak politely, please, let me out. He was heard by the thunder, caught in a bubble, he slide through a water fall, and splashed caught caress . Instead of thank you, first he uttered was, a few sounds so foreign “eeaaaoooaaa”. He was held with so much love, he felt by the touch, yet, he cant see a face. But the tracks of light is enough for him, he knows his battle is won. Well, naturally, it just started. He was born out from a womb!


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