Parent(S) is Mother and Father – that’s my Human Identity

I have listened to a discussion yesterday regarding interracial relationships, primarily discussing about the identity of the children. It was mentioned that the more open the parents are to their children about their culture, their background, things about themselves, the more whole the child feels to be as they grow up. It was also said that how one parent talks about the other parent, and vice versa, is absorbed by the child as his identity.  Which means, the more compliment each one gives the other (parents), will be a more added confidence on the child.

 Two parents has to be good to each other, even their relationship broke apart. It may not be easy because for a relationship to be separated by reasons has to involve deep bitter emotions.

While, as a single person, living individually would be a constant weighing of how to best walk rightfully. In life, I have learned that my only positive direction, trusting, and purposeful is the salvation given by Christ Jesus. Through the instruction of the word of God, through the hope in Christ, I am lead to a life on earth with joy. No matter how broken I am now, as I have always been from birth, what was passed on, the death from Adam. Until, came the life I found in Christ. He is forgiving, merciful, and gracious. This is the decision that I chose to walk after I came to know Jesus.

It was a beautiful realization, that individual walk can also be a team walk, concerning relationships. The brokenness of relationships has to be put to end, even there aren’t hope to getting back together. The purpose is not for the person, rather to setting eyes on Jesus. For a couple to born a child, the child deserves the fullness of the love of God.

Although, it is still a choice from both parents, but such can start from one parent, as she/he prays for the other, and then let the will of God manifest its glory.

King David’s life was not perfect, but above the imperfection, He cry in repentance, and chose to continue to walk the faith that He has on God. And God eventually blessed him and King Solomon reigned.

And from the Line of King David, Jesus was born.


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