Pretend play

I saw a ball when I went to get banana for my son. He has an upset tummy, could be from his growing front teeth. I try to naturally cure him by feeding him right, along with prayers. Btw, I’m a happy mom when I see him utter prayers for healing, specially if its for himself.

Back to the ball, yes I bought it! it came to me that I teach him how to be thoughtful, even though I have to always refuse to get him a toy when together, because of ASD, which may set in as a routine. Today, I look to it that, with him seeing me brought him a present and making him happy. I hope it would somehow teach him the thought of being thoughtful.

And as I expected, it’s the first he saw before me arriving home. Truly, joy and rejoicing sprinkled with love is the cure to a sick spirit.

So, he played and played, until I get hold of the ball.

I thought of an idea…

I placed the ball in my belly and acted like I was giving birth.

Aaaaahhh! Aaaaaahhhhh! #*!@&!

With every groan I had to remind him of his Identity, how important he was besides the pain. And about Jesus coming to this world. While explaining he stuck a grin on his face, staring at me, looking at what’s happening, and waiting what will be next. So, as we all know, the ball has to come out.

“You now have a brother” I exclaimed.

He went to get another ball and handed me over. He said, “Again, I want a sister!”


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