God’s Humor

Laughter is medicine!

Oooh What a good feeling it is to laugh. To stretch your face to expand. Your eyes lighten up. Your teeth shows it’s shine with a dazzling spark. So, inviting! Sounds advertising!

It is a joy to be with someone who makes you smile. Your family, love ones, friends, every person that you connect with. But we should also be aware that as tasty as the fruit in the Garden of eve, evil comes in, to take a part with the fun and the ownership of what does not belong to him. As much attention a joke gets, the more attention the joker does too, and that’s power. It is like listening to a good song, we often get swayed because of the rhythm, not realizing the lyrics that comes with it.

God is the carrier of all fun and laughter. His humor is natural and genuine that when you listen to him through his words. The joy that would expand the muscles in your face, will also clear every vessels of your heart. And the span of the fun will bring you to everlasting.




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