DIY Beyblade gyros

Surprisingly, this is real life to me now. My son asked me to buy him a particular beyblade called burst gyros. I refused because he already have a few. He’s been telling me to draw, and what he wanted to do about a performance tip. I did not understand. He persisted that I print him the picture. After a while I saw him cutting the picture out and sticking a yellow bit on the back of it. Here’s the finish product. With his hand, he spins it on the floor. Success! It’s what he felt as his face lit up. He fulfilled his desire to having Beyblade burst gyros as addition to his collection. He is so funny!

He learned creativity and resourcefulness today. 



    • It is the modern toy top, now played by children and adults. Made up of parts, metal and plastic, that you put together. You play by spinning them in a basin like stadium. They have names and there’s plenty of them made in Japan, imitated by china. But like my son, he wanted to have all of them. I am learning to know the parts to teach my son beyblade vocabulary haha.

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